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Why Machine Learning Course is important for students?

Machine learning is one of the future technologies to look upon. Machine Learning is no longer just a sub-niche of computer science technology but has evolved as the latest technology in recent years. Machine learning technology is now being used by the many technological giants. For example Amazon recommendation systems, Uber pricing, and booking, fraud detection at the top financial institutions and news feed ideas on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc.


Why you should learn machine learning?


Machine learning is the buzz at the moment. Tons are companies are going to hire machine learning developers. Machine learning is constantly becoming an integral part of business intelligence. With the help of machine learning, businesses are able to better understand consumer behavior.


In 2006, Netflix announced a prize money of $1 million to the person who will increase the accuracy of the recommendation system by 10%. It is evident from the price money what is the importance of the machine learning.


Machine learning is linked to data science. Just like humans learn from the experience, machine learning systems also learn from the past experience. Machine learning is the most blooming job of the 21st century. Learning machine learning will make you more knowledgeable in data science and more job attracting in the market.